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A children’s clothing brand inspired by the freedom of childhood and the simple joy of living with less. Organic Zoo believes in a simpler, kinder world for our children to enjoy and inherit, creating timeless 100% organic clothing that’s better for our little ones and better for the planet. 


After 10 years in the luxury world, Kim realises that she no longer wishes to endorse this mode of consumption. It’s time to slow down for our well-being and of the planet’s. At the birth of his son Romeo, she conjugates his love of colours and materials to his ecological sensitivity and spear Studio Boheme, a line of organic clothing for 0-6 years old.


Lilli & Leopold is a Norwegian kidswear brand that provides organic underwear apparel for babies and children from 0 to 6 years. All products are made by 100% organic cotton and Merino Wool in Europe. Lilli & Leopold is designed in an ever-classic style, with cute functional details.


Maja, the founder of Minimalisma, grew up in a volcanic archipelago in the North Atlantic, home to the world's smallest capital, where nature is the most important component.
Nature is her main source of inspiration. She became interested in fashion at an early age, Maja has always been eager to create something herself. She has always been fascinated by the minimalist style of northern Europe, and has also been deeply influenced by her previous fashion work in Copenhagen. With all these at the righting, Minimalisma was born, combining a minimalist Nordic design with a high-quality finish.

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Silly Silas is a Swedish kidswear brand that specialises in playful tights with braces, which is also their signature product. When Terry, the founder of Silly Silas, had her first son Elias, her mom gave her a pair of traditional tights with braces, which used to be very popular when they were kids in 50-60s in the former Czechoslovakia. Terry then decided to bring this ingenious piece from the past to now and let more kids around the world wear it.


Vacvac Studio is a lifestyle kidswear brand from Denmark, with practical, natural, and comfortable design concepts at its core.  One of its most popular designs is the croissant print which is deeply loved by parents around the world. All of the products are made of safe and soft organic fabrics. Vacvac's cautious attitude towards kidswear and a strong commitment to protecting the environment has always been embedded in the brand philosophy. Signe, the designer, and founder,  hopes to bring a safe, comfortable, and free environment to each of our children as she does for her kids.


Snoozebaby is a Dutch baby accessory and textile brand that develops and designs ultra-soft, functional and dreamy baby comfort products on an international scale. The lifestyle baby accessories are divided into 3 categories: nursing, soft toys and newborn fashion. The brand was created by Dutch designer Marleen in 2004. All collections are designed and developed in Amsterdam and manufactured in Turkey with GOTS certified.


Founded in 2018, Riffle is the new challenge for Dutch designer Marleen. Marleen was originally the founder of Snoozebaby, a Dutch baby accessory and textile brand. After building the brand for 14 years, as her four children grew up, she found the kidswear collection is very interesting and diverse. Each season can be constructed according to a different theme, creating baby clothes from the softest fabrics. Hence, Riffle was born.

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